The Chinese restaurant can receive more than 1200 guests, and provides Chaozhou cuisine, Guangdong cuisine and Fujian cuisine. Therehave more than ten private rooms also.

Ruiyuan chinese restaurant ist a valuable and elegance restaurant like a garden,the flower are every where,a feeling to connecting with the nature.

Ruiyuan chinese restaurant

Ruilin banquet hall, which is elegantly equipped, is the bestplace for social activities and business invitation.

Ruilin banquet hall

Seven RTV private rooms with advanced facillities can provide you not only excellent food but also good music and songs.

Roof garden tee room:star -spangled,the moon in the sky,have fine tieguanyin,rongjing tee,jus in roitous profusion、cocktail、drink with special barbecue,enjoy the wonderful night.

Roof garden tea room

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